This is a very basic straight HTML home page uploaded via FTP and then edited via File Manager.

It links to a page that does not exist, with which you can test custom 404 handling.

This page was created with the PageWizard.

This photo essay was created with the photo essay builder thing.

Here's a PHP info script.

This page links to a subsite built using the Site Wizard General Products template. It's also set up as a subdomain. (You'll need to user username user1 password user1 to get past http authentication here, if that's working properly. Interesting, only works on the main link, not the subdomain.)

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See who's visiting this page.
...except that the supplied HTML doesn't work.

Wow, I even wired up a simple PHP-to-Mysql link (with some buggy display code, but it proves the db and php work). It's here.

OK, here's a site search box:

Here's a map to PC Magazine's offices in New York: Get Yahoo! Map